Book the Band

The Metro Praise Youth Orchestra meets when school is out, so availability is limited to late June-July. We also meet for short sessions during the Christmas break; and again during Spring Break (usually mid-March). If your event falls into those timeframes, give us a call.

If your event is during other times of the year, check with our adult band.

The MPYO is not only great for concerts – but for tent sales, grand openings, private parties or customer appreciation events. Does your restaurant have a slow night?

MPYO Brings In More People

The MPYO at Pickles BBQ

Booking the MPYO not only brings in 20 teenage musicians to your business, but 40 moms & dads (and quite a few grandparents and neighbors!) Want a lot of traffic? Bring in our youth band (and its following).

When we did an afternoon gig at Pickles BBQ, about 80 people came in to hear the band; and they ordered from the menu. This worked out great because we were there on an otherwise slow Saturday afternoon.

There are no set fees, but our nonprofit organization needs your donation to defray costs of this unique program.

Email us at, or call Gary Phillips at (817)691-1205 to discuss.