Kennedy Powers

Kennedy was a 10th grader at L.D. Bell when MPYO started in 2010, and he played in the band throughout his high school career. Kennedy was a featured soloist during the MPYO’s first recording session, and that tune is featured on the recent release: “The best of KAYJO.” Kennedy was a jazz studies major at UNT, where he played lead trombone in the prestigious Latin Lab Band; and climbed thru the ranks of the 3 O Clock, 2 O Clock, and finally holding the lead chair in UNT’s flagship ensemble, the One O Clock Lab Band.

Kennedy has also spent two years in the elite U-tubes, which won the 2015 ITF Kai Winding Jazz Trombone Ensemble competition and the 2016 ATW Jazz Trombone Competiton.

He now writes music and serves at First Baptist Church of Euless.