Brandon Bingham, Jerry Turner, and Chris Lyman

USMC Band RecruitsL.D. Bell graduate Brandon Bingham played lead trombone in the band in 2015-2016.  The year before that, Haltom graduate Jerry Turner — a two-year All State band member — was a major contributor to an all star trombone section.  Grapevine High School graduate Chris Lyman did a great job as our college intern in 2013.

While these three ‘boys’ just missed one another in our band; they are together now as young men at the US Navy School of Music – starting their USMC careers.   As Marine musicians they started their military service as Lance Corporals.  After finishing military music training Chris will go to Cherry Point, NC; and Brandon and Jerry will go to bands in San Diego.

All three young men will have GI Bill benefits for continuing college.