Welcome to our new website – home of the Metro Praise Orchestra, the Keller Jazz Orchestra, the Metro Praise Youth Orchestra (MPYO) and the Keller Area Youth Jazz Orchestra (KAYJO).

Creation of this site was made possible by a grant from the Arts Council of Fort Worth.  Click anywhere on this page to watch and listen to the band!

Our bands are part of Metro Performance Resources, Inc – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community service organization with the mission to:

Educate students

MPR expectations are high because students are accepted only through a competitive audition process, or by teacher referral. Auditions are open without regard to race, religion (creed), gender, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Entertain the community

Students are provided opportunities to perform publicly, and in guest artist events which are affordable or free, and in venues accessible to all.

Enrich the local arts scene

Big Band jazz is an American art form threatened with extinction if it is not proactively preserved. MPR programs pass the love for this art form to the next generation.

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